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R450 Automatic Voltage Regulator

R450 Automatic Voltage Regulator

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  • Type:     R450
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  •       Compatible Leroy somer R450 AVR is powered by two auxiliary windings which are independent of the voltage equal circuit. The power supply voltage is rectified and filtered before being used by the AVR monitoring transistor. With PMG excitation, a permanent magnet generator (PMG) added to the alternator supplies the AVR with voltage. ...

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Product description:

Compatible Leroy somer R450 AVR is powered by two auxiliary windings which are independent of the voltage equal circuit. The

 power supply voltage is rectified and filtered before being used by the AVR monitoring transistor. With PMG excitation, a perma-

nent magnet generator (PMG) added to the alternator supplies the AVR with voltage. On Application of load, the rotation speed of

 the generator set deceases, when it passes below the preset frequency threshold the LAM causes the voltage to drop by appro-

ximately13% or 25% and consequently the quantity of active load applied is reduced by approximately 25% to 45%, until the spe-

ed reaches its rated value again. Hence the LAM can be used either to reduce the speed variation (frequency) and its duration

 for a given applied load, or to increase the applied load probable for one speed variation (turbo-charged engine).

Main features: 

1. Compatible Leroy Somer Automatic Voltage Regulator R450

2. Single or three phase voltage sensing with optional module.
3. Load acceptance module, PMG / AREP excitation system
4. Phase to phase voltage sensing.
5. Suitable for high levels of vibration and harsh environments           


Voltage:230± 2V 

Voltage Steady Range: ± 1V

Starting Excitation Voltage:≥1.5V

Loading Capacity:With 110% loading, the regulator can work normally

"Output Voltage Steady on hot 

and cool condition":≤2V 

Temperature float on Output Voltage:≤2V 

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