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 Employee benefits

1, holiday:

1, statutory holidays: New Year's day, Spring Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, 5.1 day, Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, national day, employees are entitled to statutory holidays. The Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, is a start; distributing zongzi, fruit; Mid Autumn Festival, mooncakes, fruit distribution; every Monday, Wednesday, Friday issued fruit 1 times.

2, special leave, maternity leave, marriage leave: leave, funeral leave, the industrial injury leave.

Annual leave: A, who worked in the company for 1 years, are entitled to 3 days paid annual leave, for every 1 years, increased 1 days annual leave, but the cumulative annual leave shall not exceed 10 days, annual leave can not be accumulated to the next year.

B, marriage: Marriage in accordance with state regulations (submit marriage certificate), can enjoy 3 days of paid leave, marriage can increase 3 days paid leave (male over 25 years of age, women over 23 years of age of marriage), marriage leave should be 1 weeks in advance of the application.

C, maternity leave: the family planning law (submit birth certificate) female employees enjoy 90 days of paid maternity leave (salary is calculated by the new Dongguan regulation of minimum wage workers issue, at present is 1310 yuan), dystocia or childbirth persons (women over 24 years of age for childbirth) increased by 15 days of paid maternity leave; the man legal wife fertility, enjoy 5 day nurse false. Entitled to paid maternity leave, need to work in the company for 1 years.

D, funeral leave: the need is immediate relatives (parents, children and their spouses), enjoy 3 days of paid funeral leave.

E, the industrial injury leave: the employee injured at work, shall immediately notify the department head and human resources department submitted within 24 hours of injury reporting. To apply for work-related injury leave in accordance with the relevant provisions (valid certificates shall be issued by the hospital). Industrial false wage according to the minimum wage workers in Dongguan city issued the latest regulations.

2, staff accommodation

1, the staff dining: the company provided free accommodation, meals not in company employees, subsidies 360 yuan per person per month for meals; breakfast allowance: 2 yuan / person / day, holiday meal allowance: 12 yuan / person / day.

2, staff accommodation: the company provided free accommodation, but in order to avoid energy waste phenomenon, staff dormitory water electricity subsidies system. Water standard, summer (5-9 months), 4 tons / person; spring and winter (10-4 month, 3 tons / person). With electric standard, summer (5-9 months), 60 degrees /; spring and winter (10-4 month, 50 degrees / inter).

3, year-end bonus

Year-end bonus issue, working period of less than 1 years, the last 1 months salary (excluding performance, attendance and other subsidies) /12 month * work months; working period of over 1 years and above, a double end. Issuing time before Spring Festival holiday every year. The period of two years or above personnel, according to the working performance and other daily integrated performance reward.

Note: the following conditions to cancel the year-end bonus

The year was jidaguo three times or by more than five times, remember the small.

The annual leave for a total of more than 12 days (excluding hospitalization leave, sick leave, my special holiday). If special leave of absence (such as, the family was to take care of or other unexpected events, provide relevant proof, can according to the actual situation of processing.

4, corporate events

1, the company has fitness and recreation rooms for employees (within a table tennis table, health equipment, Cara OK), provides a wealth of healthy entertainment for employees.

2, special holidays, a company's employees travel (usually in five one or eleven period); usually organize staff birthday party or other recreational activities (e.g., mountain climbing, outdoor barbecue, relay, table tennis, Cara OK games etc.).

5, meal allowance

Meal subsidies principles and standards

1, because the work delay not eating on time; heterodyne unable to back to the company dinner (Dongguan area), subsidies to 15 yuan / person / meal; other parts of the province, subsidies to 25 yuan / person / meal.

2, business dinner, fee standards approved by the general manager, bill according to the actual situation of reimbursement (for business).

Note: the meal expense principle: are needed when dining out, be liable to the Department in charge of or related to illustrate, expense reimbursement required responsible person signature. If the business dinner, expense reimbursement specified number of meals, in the name of the receipt or invoice.

6, perfect attendance

Full attendence award 50 yuan / month. Whenever months without leave, be late, early and absenteeism can enjoy. If the company holiday without attendance, as attendance.

7, insurance

The probation period for the purchase, the company unified social insurance (including insurance), if some employees are not willing to buy endowment insurance, the company will be unified purchase of inductrial injury, medical insurance.

8, the new staff costs

All new staff enjoy the positive charges 200 yuan / person (by arrangement).

9, outstanding staff Award

1, according to the appraisal system or other forms, according to the selection of outstanding employees quarterly and annual.

2, excellent employee selection mode

The selection of outstanding staff, the implementation of 360 comprehensive evaluation, the superior (Department, human resources department, general manager office), junior (Management), flat and anonymous voting score.

3, quarterly award 3 outstanding employees, set up the first prize (500 yuan), two prize (300 yuan), three prize (200 yuan). Every year 6 outstanding employees, set up the first prize (1000 yuan), 1, two prize (600 yuan), 2, three prize (400 yuan), 3.


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