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CE4914090 Generator governor

CE4914090 Generator governor

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  • Type:     CE4914090
  • Product Summary:
  •       The CE4914090 slow start controller for PT (G) type fuel system, suitable for America Cummins N, K series diesel generator set. CE4914090 for the normally closed set 350KW, CE4914091 for regular closed set below 800KW....

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 Product description:

The CE4914090  slow start controller for PT (G) type fuel system, suitable for America Cummins N, K series diesel generator set. CE4914090 for the normally closed set 350KW, CE4914091 for regular closed set below 800KW.

Main featuers:

1、 Low smoke displacement, soft noise
2、Meet the demand of environment protection imp rive people' S
3、  Easily start in cold, plateau and Ww pressure areas,
Especially for N-G-250kw and K-G-300kw sets.
4、 High ability to anti-disturbance Stable operation due to the large power walkie-talkie·
5、  Actuator can not be damaged in case of short circuit due to
The output protector.
6、 Diesel with water pump cam start with wad, the range of round per minute cam be ± 600, that is 1000-1200 rpm.


RPM Stability:<±0.25%

Speed Range:1KHz ~ 6.5KHz

Thermal Stability:Max ±0.7%

IDLE Regulation:260 ±20Hz

DROOP Regulation:Minimum 15Hz ±6Hz/ 1 Amp

Maximum: 400Hz ±75Hz/ 1 Amp

External Speed Regulation:±200Hz (with 1 KΩ connected)

AUX Input Sensitivity:148Hz / 1V., ±10Hz



Working Humidity Range:Maximum 95%

Environment Temprature:-15 ~ 55 °C

Shocking:25HZ 2mm


Voltage:12 or 24V DC

Grounding Pole:Negative pole

Power Supply:Negative pole

Actuator Continuous Current:Maximum 2.5A

insulating strength≥500MΩ

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