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Diesel generator overheating how to do?

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Diesel generator overheating how to do? Many customers use diesel generators will encounter such a situation . Diesel generators will overheat the oil formation temperature, prompting lubrication weakened diesel engine work to bring great threat. There are many reasons , here we list the cause for everyone the main reason for the diesel generator temperature and solutions :

1、 Long-term use of diesel generators hard water , when the use of generators , water temperatures generated , then tanks and around waterways will form a large scale , resulting in poor heat dissipation.

2、 Generators severe burning oil , resulting in too much coke , heat is bad.

3、 Early oil angle is too small , the engine ignition occurs , resulting in the work of the diesel engine body temperature.

4、 Diesel generators inside the intake and exhaust valves closed lax , valve clearance is too small, too much carbon in the combustion chamber , or uneven amount of diesel fuel for each cylinder , the cylinder will cause the heat issue does not go out , forming the higher the temperature inside the cylinder .

5、The generator body and the head of the impurities deposited in waterways too , so that circulation is not smooth , causing poor heat dissipation .

6、Improper operation using diesel generators . Should start first with a small diesel generator throttle preheat period of time, not suddenly stepped on the gas , fierce plus load, otherwise it would be rude diesel generators work , the temperature soared. Or diesel generator overload long run , will lead to the diesel generator temperature.

7、Causing oil too late diesel generator overheating.

8、Insufficient cooling water caused by diesel generators overheating.

9、Immediately put the full load operation after repairs , causing overheating of moving parts , or because the gap is too small and stuck.


A, on the condition of the fan belt tension checked and found that the technical requirements fit diesel fan belt tension (in the fan base and the fan belt pulley belt pressing the center position , with 30 - 50N.m torque can be pressed Road 10 - 15mm considered normal )

B, after repair and assembling pumps, cooling water into the radiator filled with water , the extra speed to start the diesel engine , followed by a period of observation , found that the provisions of diesel fit body temperature , the body temperature problems Jibei sweep .

1. after the shutdown , the temperature dropped plus cooling water, and the exclusion of water leakage

2.adjust the belt tightness

3. cleaning the cooling system remove dirt , use compressed air to blow through the core reduce the load

6.the replacement of the water table , etc.

7. repair or replace the water pump impeller EDF

9.the replacement of a suitable viscosity oil

Generator set temperature is too high , with the gap will result in a reduction of moving parts , reduced strength , poor lubrication , may cause severe pull cylinder axle accident. So when the diesel generator set temperature to timely maintenance in order to avoid irreparable damage .

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