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Generator charger can be used in solar batteries?

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Q: Generator charger can be used in solar batteries?

A: You can, as long as the lead-acid type batteries are OK

Automatic battery charger description:

Automatic battery charger is designed for maintenance-free lead-acid batteries or batteries currently on the market a wide range of applications designed to charge, the whole small size, light weight, easy to move. The main components using military-grade IC, the other is the use of industrial-grade, power inverter tube for fast IGBT, coupled with rigorous testing before leaving the factory, the aging of the reliability and stability of the machine is fully guaranteed. Widely used in the extensive use of railways, civil aviation, telecommunications, electricity and other maintenance-free lead-acid battery business, and praised by users.

Main functions and features:

A wide AC input voltage range, good output DC stable performance.

2, the output current is continuously adjustable.

3, the use of flexible: can a single charge, and can be more than one machine without all stream processing.

4, with input, output overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage protection, and machine overheating protection.

5, using forced air cooling, intelligent temperature control.

6, depending on the specifications of the battery and the battery pack can be flexibly adjust the output voltage and charging current.

7, the charging process is constant current, constant voltage trickle float washed three phase auto-complete, not because of overvoltage or overcurrent damage the battery.

8, voltage, current digital display, accurate and intuitive.

9, simple operation, easy to use.


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