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Diesel generator undervoltage fault alarm stop what reason ?

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Q: Diesel generator undervoltage fault alarm stop what reason ?

  How to solve ? ( No additional load generators , power runs about 20 seconds alarm shutdown )

A: The reason diesel generator undervoltage fault alarm stop very much , I'll share it with the main analysis methods to solve it.

1 , The generator voltage regulator board failure

May be due to changes in environmental factors, parameters AVR voltage regulator board is no longer applicable , need to re- adjust , in general, and the group of non- diesel engine is basically no problem , because the parameters are fixed value regulator board ( 400V), generally we are not stressed, and the machine only for this unit may be a problem , because the AVR voltage regulator board at the time and the machine is adjusted , it is not set in stone according to the main bus voltage, this time, and machine devices generally have a regulator signal into the AVR voltage regulator board , check the regulator either case there is no pick the wrong signal , or try the quick use of electronic controls in the boot ( and local device , pressure plate, etc. ) re- tune voltage.

2 , The generator windings varistor or diode rectifier bridge crash

3 , Diesel generator governor issues

Engine speed of electronic and mechanical speed governor , if a mechanical governor , then there is a control on diesel oil and the oil of the pump body , seems to be called common rail pump ( specifically what forget ) , above there is a lever to control the amount of oil , let us call it the governor rod, rod on both sides of the distribution of a speed governor ( speed ) and governor plunger ejector , low- power operation 20S reported that , do not know the voltage and frequency are not always go up , if it is has been stagnant , probably caused by the speed falters , you can adjust the speed ejector try, whenever diesel unit failure , usually has a major fault , the main fault is resolved, thus followed by a series of minor failures caused solved .

4, The voltage sampling line loose

This is well understood, voltage sampling line loose , it is certainly less than the measured voltage .

5 , A ground fault

If a three-prong grounded outlet , then the voltage and current is very low , this time mainly to check the grounding discharge device ( such as ground knife ) is not closing or grounded .

The role of the varistor is: overvoltage fault varistor conduction buck , if varistor breakdown or other reasons conduction, so one can imagine , the inevitable low voltage , the rectifier bridge has six diodes, tuning regulator for supplying DC power devices such as plates and exciting role if damaged diode rectifier bridge , pressure plate and field and other devices will be greatly reduced.

6 , Remanence

If the generator is no residual magnetism , the voltage generator system was built at the beginning is not up , for this problem, we must clearly AVR voltage regulator board generator excitation output is the number of V voltage , then the excitation output line voltage source connected to the corresponding magnetization ( voltage type to correspond , not to reverse the polarity ) .

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