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Generators synchronizing needed to meet the conditions?

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Q: Generators synchronizing needed to meet the conditions?

A: Generators synchronizing conditions are met (1) voltage equal. (2) phase with the voltage. (3) the same frequency. The same (4) phase sequence.

1, the voltage equal to the system voltage is close to the generator and means (generally no more than 10% difference), if the voltage range: the consequence is juxtaposed between the generator and the circulation system and reactive nature appears.

2, in phase with the voltage phase angle refers to the generator voltage and system voltage phase angle is close (generally the difference does not exceed 20 degrees) and, of course, if the voltage phase inconsistencies, the consequences are likely to have a huge impact on the current, the generator burned or the end portion of the electric power by the action of great damage.

3, is the generator frequency equal to the frequency and system frequency close (generally no more than the difference 0.5HZ). Similarly, if the frequency range, the consequences will have to shoot shoot Zhen Zhen voltage and current, torque the beat vibration current active ingredients produced in the generator shaft will allow generators to produce mechanical vibration. When the frequency difference between the larger, even after the generator can not be synchronized incorporated.

4, required by the generator parallel synchronization device, a manual quasi-synchronization, there are automatic synchronization. Need to adjust the generator voltage and frequency to meet and network conditions.

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