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When the generator low normal but not high-speed, smoke too

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Q: When the generator low normal but not high-speed, smoke too little how to diagnose and repair?


A: Generator low speed is good, but still can not accelerate the speed increases, driving weakness, which is caused by insufficient fuel supply cycle.




① Injection pump to adjust properly, so reducing the amount of oil.


② Generator governor spring due to fatigue and stretch reduced. When the accelerator pedal in the end, fuel adjustment rod can not move forward to the end, resulting in reducing the amount of fuel injection pump, the engine can not reach the rated speed.


③ Fuel pump plunger and the sleeve, injector needle and the needle body badly worn, the pump leaking diesel oil increased, the relative reduction in oil supply.


④ Throttle control rod improperly adjusted, or the accelerator pedal off over the desert, so that the accelerator pedal is not in place, resulting in full-load fuel amount is too small.


⑤ Oil in the air.


2. Diagnosis and treatment


When the engine underpowered, if low speed is good, and the smoke is normal, indicating that the engine combustion is good, that is good quality diesel fuel injection, fuel normal starting time, the cylinder sealing and adequate intake.


① Low oil  In normal circumstances, we should first check the extent Songkuang the accelerator pedal and the connecting pin connecting rod length adjustment is appropriate. When the accelerator pedal in the end, the governor control arm at the maximum position, speed limit screws should make contact with the stopper. Otherwise, should be adjusted.


② The air discharge passage.


③ In the injection pump test bench debug pump, so failure to exclude.


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