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How difficult to start the engine heat Diagnosis and Treatme

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Q: How difficult to start the engine heat Diagnosis and Treatment?


A: The engine cold start is good, but after a period of operation temperature flame, and then start more difficult.


1, diagnose the cause


Main fuel pump plunger and the injector needle deputy vice severe wear due. When hot car starter, fuel pump and fuel filter due to higher temperatures, fuel viscosity decreases, coupled with a low starting speed, most diesel fuel leaking from the worn crevice, causing lack of fuel and can not start starter.


2, diagnosis and treatment


① emergency exclusion method is: the car hanging block, start dragging by other cars. The use of high-speed rotation speed drive engine, to make diesel leak too late to ensure that the starting amount of oil (this method is not recommended, since Cummins turbocharged engine cylinder pressure is relatively large, the start of the trailer when the impact of each connector force, affect vehicle life).


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