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What is meritorious what reactive active?

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Q: What is meritorious what reactive active?

Answer : AC electrical power generation, transmission, use the process for converting non-electric, magnetic form part of the energy that is called active; for the electrical circuit that part of the energy field called reactive power exchange.

Active called average power. Instantaneous AC power is not a constant value, the average power in a cycle is called reactive power, which is the resistance in the circuit portion of the power consumed by the electric motor is its output means, said letter P unit kilowatts (KW). Reactive power: the circuit having an inductance (or capacitance), the inductance (or capacitance) at the time of the half cycle of the energy supply into magnetic field (or electric field) is the energy stored up in the other half of the time period and the stored magnetic (or electric) energy and get back to power. They only exchange energy and power, do not have a real energy consumption. Amplitude values we exchange energy with the power called reactive power, the letter Q, the unit kvar (kvar). Apparent power: in the circuit with resistance and reactance, the product of voltage and current is called apparent power to sign the letter S or P, said unit kVA (KVA).Active power, reactive power, apparent power relationship between the three can be used to power triangle indicates

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