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Why turbocharger is most prone to failure of the engine part

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Q: Why turbocharger is most prone to failure of the engine parts?


A: Because the turbocharger's rated speed at 130,000 revolutions per minute or more, and at the exit of the exhaust manifold, high temperature (800 ℃ above), intake and exhaust pressure is large, ie high temperature, high pressure, high speed, so the turbocharger lubrication and cooling and sealing requirements are relatively high. In order to ensure the life of the turbocharger, designed to ensure lubrication and cooling of the floating bearing turbocharger, while in use required:


① after starting the engine should be idling for 3-5 minutes, do not add the load immediately to ensure good lubrication of the turbocharger. The main reason is the engine located at the top of the supercharger, turbocharger after engine start immediately if you start high-speed operation, will lead to increased oil pressure failure promptly to the turbocharger oil supply, causing damage to the turbocharger starvation, and even burn Bad entire supercharger.


② idle time not too long, not more than 10 minutes idling for too long is likely to cause the compressor side leakage.


③ Do not close immediately before stopping the engine should idle for 3-5 minutes to allow the turbocharger speed and temperature of the exhaust system down to prevent heat recovery - oil coke - bearing burning and other failures.Frequent incorrect use causes damage to the turbocharger.


④ long unused engine (generally more than 7 days), or a new exchange turbocharger engine oil prior to use in filling the turbocharger oil inlet, otherwise they will reduce the life of poor lubrication or damaged turbocharger .


⑤ regularly check whether the loose joints leak / _ leakage return pipe is smooth, if any should be excluded.


⑥ ensure clean air filter, and then require periodic replacement.


⑦ regular oil changes / _ oil filter.


⑧ radial axial clearance checked regularly turbocharger shaft axial clearance should be less than 0.15 mm, radial clearance: clearance between the impeller and the casing pressure of not less than 0.10 mm, or should repair to professionals, in order to avoid the losses.


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