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How to distinguish between gasoline and diesel engines?

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Q: How to distinguish gasoline generator and diesel generator?

A: The distinction between gasoline generators and diesel generators, mainly from ignition; volume weight, noise emissions, cylinder pressure to distinguish between different objects four points. The following details for your introduction.

The main difference between gasoline generator and diesel generator lies in the following four points:

1, different ignition.

Sprayed diesel engine relies on high-pressure gas atomization spontaneous combustion. Relying on a spark plug ignition gasoline engine.

Diesel generators and gasoline generators only power source is not the same, they are the same generator, the generator under normal operation and maintenance of life is very long, then the life of the unit decided on the engines, diesel engines and gasoline to say Who long engine life, not comparable, in general, is certainly less than the life of the engine generator. There is a diesel generator: low operating costs, noise cold start difficulty; generally made diesel generator adapted to relatively large power diesel generators. Gasoline Generator: low noise, low temperature, convenient start, high operating costs. Usually adapted to low-power or portable generator.


2, gasoline generators, small size, low noise, small displacement, easy to move suitable light load situations, generally used for small construction site and indoor use.

3, diesel generators bulky, relatively large displacement and noise are not easy to move, but the power, suitable for heavy-duty occasions, generally used for self-powered units or large construction site use.

4-cylinder pressure thing different. Stage of the compression stroke diesel engine is compressed air; gasoline engine in the compression stroke phase is a mixture of gasoline and air compression.

Summary: In general, gasoline generators, small size, easy to move, suitable for light-load situations, generally used for small construction site; diesel bulky and not easy to move, large output, suitable for heavy-duty occasions, generally used for self-powered units or large construction site with. The two are not good or bad, just using different places.

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