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How to choose a power generator?

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Q: How to choose a power generator?

A: First you have to determine your maximum power consumption, a large generator power must be greater than 10% to 30% of the maximum power that you set, if selected large generator power shortage will lead to lack of power and does not work ; also do not buy too much power units, excessive capacity, will result in a waste of money, building righteous than you maximum power consumption of 10% larger to 30% can be, here we offer the following three methods:

One, large generator power estimation method

1 Statistics of the unit all the electrical equipment of power: including production facilities, public facilities (such as elevators, etc.), office equipment, fire fighting facilities, living facilities, and calculate the aggregate power. Generator

(2) the capacity to estimate the next period of time, may increase the types of facilities;

(3) analysis has been prepared to increase the presence and power facility, or find a starting power to assess such facilities;

4 finalize power generating capacity that is:

Second, a large generator power reference to determine the law: If you can not accurately calculated, there is one of the most simple way, and now most of the companies have their own equipment, the capacity of the transformer, the transformer, are generally taken to the above factors, therefore, it can be Referring to the power transformer to provide large generators of power.

Third, in the purchase of large generators when the supplier may not have exactly what you need power standard, you should "rather more not less" principle, you need to buy a large power generator power slightly larger . Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen Wang Yichang

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