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Engine idling instability causes and remedy? ​

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Q: The engine idling instability causes and remedy?


A: The engine idle speed instability manifestation is idling, unsteadiness, or vibration, making the car shift when rapid deceleration or flameout.


⑴ reason


① oil in the air.


② Low oil fuel poor.


③ idle stabilization device improperly adjusted.


④ injector atomization bad.


⑤ uneven fuel injection pump.


⑥ engine governor of each connecting rod pin, fork excessive wear and tear.


⑵ diagnosis and treatment


When the diagnosis of unstable idle, the engine should be based on the length of time of use and maintenance of the engine to analyze the degree of judgment.


① Low oil should first check whether the flow of oil, check _ filling diesel meets the requirements of the automotive engine maintenance is timely, otherwise it should be cleaned or maintenance, replacement.


② If the car for a long time is not suspended or replenish the oil tank, a small amount of air into the oil, exhaust treatment should be carried out.


③ If car use has long been the fuel pump also repeated debugging without check engine governor's wear, pay attention to when debugging test speed components, throttle each connection rods for wear too much of the phenomenon.Otherwise it shall be treated for parts or repair welding. When welding repair of rotating parts, should pay attention to the quality of symmetry to ensure balance.


④ idle instability and accompanied by vibration is caused due to the uneven fuel injection pump, available by law to check off the oil tank. If you break the speed change did not cause the cylinder, then the cylinder oil shortage or bad injector atomization. Should first check the fuel injector, and then check the fuel pump.


⑤ If it is improperly adjusted idle stabilization device should re-test rig maintenance.

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