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Underpowered engine,diagnosis and treatment of exhaust blue

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Q: The power of the engine, exhaust blue smoke diagnosis and treatment?

A: When the engine load is low or small row of blue smoke, exhaust temperature becomes dark gray smoke and lack of motivation.


⑴ reason


Exhaust pipe when the engine is running blue smoke due to the oil into the combustion chamber when the engine load is low or small combustion possible blue smoke evacuation. Or when the engine load is increased when the temperature rises, oil vapor is burned, and dark gray smoke. The cause of the phenomenon is:


① poor intake, leading to the turbocharger oil is sucked into the cylinder combustion due.


Too much oil in the pan ②, oil exceeds the maximum limit.


③ valve guides into the oil.


④ cylinder serious channeling oil.


⑤ turbocharger rotor shaft badly worn, damaged slinger, resulting in less than the rated speed of the turbocharger, engine oil leak.


⑵ diagnosis and treatment


① Check the intake air is smooth, check whether there is oil turbocharger housing.


② After the engine flameout 5_m_i_n_ extract oil dipstick, oil sump in check exceeds the maximum limit; if more than should release excess.


③ If these tests were normal, remove the injector and check whether the needle orifice deputy smooth, serious, or if there is oil coke, indicating that there is oil in the cylinder fleeing.


④ Check the valve guide seals and the upper end of the catheter and valve stem gap is too large. Remove the cylinder head should be further checked whether the piston rings stuck in the ring groove, end gap counterpart, fracture, elastic weakened, cone ring or whether the installed anti-twist ring, piston, piston ring and cylinder wear is too large, there is No pull tanks and other phenomena, if unusual circumstances to timely repair.


⑤ whether due to improper use and care not to cause damage to the turbocharger rotor shaft seal leakage timely and oil, mixed with fresh air into the cylinder, or when the exhaust gas from the turbine exhaust side with the high-temperature exhaust gas is vaporized. Turbocharger rotor shaft oil leaks, disassemble into and out of the trachea is very clear. If the leak oil seals should be replaced and should be cleared turbine coke, check the rotor shaft bearing clearance, to avoid damage to the new seal.

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