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There are several ways parallel generators, what advantages

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Q: There are several ways parallel generators, what advantages and disadvantages?

A: Generator Parallel methods into two categories: quasi-synchronization  and self-synchronizing. Their advantages and disadvantages as follows:

  Advantage of  Quasi-synchronization parallel method:

(1) When closing the generator does not impact current;

(2) there is no impact on the power system.

 Disadvantage of  Quasi-synchronization parallel method:

(1) If for some reason caused by non-Juxtaposition, then the impact of the current lot, even more than the end of the three-phase short-circuit current machine has doubled in size;

(2) When using the manual quasi Juxtaposition, ahead of time to run parallel operations personnel are not easy to master.

Advantage of   self-synchronizing:

(1) The method of operation is relatively simple, automated closing process is also simple.

(2) In an accident situation, closing rapidly.

Disadvantage of self-synchronizing:

(1) the impact of current, and that impact on the system;

(2) at the moment of closing the system voltage is reduced.

5. Quasi Juxtaposition There are several conditions which do not meet these conditions what consequences

1: voltage equal.

2: voltage phase consistent.

3: The frequency equal.

4: The same phase sequence.

Voltage ranges: the consequences are the juxtaposition between the generator and the circulation system and reactive nature appear.

The voltage phase is inconsistent: As a consequence a large inrush current may occur, the generator burned, or the end portion of the electric power by a huge role damage.

Frequency range: its consequences will have to shoot and shoot Zhen Zhen voltage current, the current active ingredient beat vibration in the shaft torque produced by the generator, the generator will make the difference when the frequency mechanical vibration is large, even. After the merger, the generator can not be synchronized.

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