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Each generator voltage regulator board potentiometer adjustm

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Q: Regulation and the role of each potentiometer generator voltage regulator board?

A: The generator voltage regulator board potentiometer include: VOL: voltage regulator; DROOP: and when the machine reactive power regulation; UF: LF protection regulation; TRIM: reactive and machine when adjusting; OVER EXC: overexcitation protection regulation; STAB: stability and regulation

A, VOL: Voltage Regulator

Function: If the output voltage does not match the voltage regulator, voltage adjustment potentiometer clockwise, the output voltage increases; and vice versa.

B, DROOP: reactive and adjust machine when

Role: Adjust current compensation drop

C, UF: LF protection regulation

Role: from the low-frequency protection

D, TRIM: reactive and adjust machine when

Role: Optimized voltage correction sensitivity.

1, according to changes in the load generator excitation current corresponding adjustment to maintain the terminal voltage for a given value;

2, the control parallel operation between the generator reactive power distribution;

3, to improve the parallel operation of generators of static stability;

4, to improve the parallel operation of the generator transient stability;

5, when the generator internal malfunction, de-excitation, failure to reduce the extent of losses;

6, according to operational requirements and the implementation of the minimum excitation maximum excitation limit restrictions on the generator.

E, OVER EXC: overexcitation protection regulation

Role: Patrick overcurrent reduction in the rated power of the generator, the rotating field trip potentiometer counterclockwise, so that the indicator light-emitting diodes, and then rotated about 5 degrees to shun.

F, STAB: stability and regulation

Role: Adjust stability.

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