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What is non Juxtaposition, non-Juxtaposition What is the har

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Q: What is non Juxtaposition, non-Juxtaposition What is the harm?

A: synchronous generator does not meet the conditions when juxtaposed parallel quasi-synchronization with the system, we call it non-Juxtaposition. Juxtaposition is a serious non-power plant accident, its related equipment such as generators and transformers in series therewith, switches, etc., devastating. Serious, burnt ends of the generator windings will severely deformed, even though there was no immediate damage to the device may also cause serious problems. In terms of the whole power system, large units happen if a non-Juxtaposition, the impact is large, it is possible to make this generator and power systems to produce oscillations, seriously disrupt the normal operation of the entire system, and even cause crashes.

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