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Turn off the engine is running slowly, how to do?

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Q: Turn off the engine is running slowly, how to do?


A: In the case of engine flameout slowly without releasing the throttle, usually caused by a fuel supply interruption in time or not. Its performance for engine operation gradually weakness, and finally automatically turn off.


⑴ reason


① diesel fuel in the tank runs out.


② fuel cap vent valve blockage.


③ water separator fuel filter or clogged.


④ oil pipeline rupture or more into the air.


⑤ pump does not work.


⑥ tank water.


⑵ diagnosis and treatment


① First check whether the oil tank, fuel tank cap vent valve is open.


② Loosen the bleed screw injection pump, hand pump oil pump, observe bleed screw at the flow of oil situation.Without oil outflow that is clogging the oil should be checked paragraph by paragraph, excluded. If the diesel injection with spray column shape, then the oil flow. If the bleed screw at the bubbles emerge, it is a pipeline into the air, you should identify the joints are tightened tubing, tubing for cracks or worn out, and the exclusion of the problems identified.


③ If the oil flow without air bubbles, hand pumps can be fixed return, using the starter motor driven oil pump rotation, if there is still no oil outflow, indicating pump failure.

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