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The engine rowdy reasons, how to deal with?

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Q: The engine rowdy reasons, how to deal with?


A: The work refers to rough engine during combustion, combustion piston located more speed diesel fuel near TDC period, the rate of pressure rise resulting in higher engine appears when crisp metallic percussion and vibration generated shaking, hard acceleration without percussion rhythm intensifies, while smoky , high-speed percussion diminished or disappeared. This phenomenon will greatly affect engine life.


⑴ reason


① poor quality diesel fuel cetane number is too low.


② injection advance angle is too large.


③ injector is not sealed, fuel leakage, fuel injector atomization bad.


④ each cylinder oil unevenly, individual cylinder fuel excessive.


⑤ into the gas shortage.


⑵ diagnosis and treatment


① Should percussion uneven, sometimes accompanied by shaking vibration phenomenon, indicating poor individual cylinder work. In hot car, can reduce oil-cylinder method, temperature sensing method can be used to find out after a cold start working poor cylinder. For example, in the early start of a cylinder exhaust manifold heat faster, indicating a large quantity of the oil cylinder; On the contrary, it may be a small amount of oil in the cylinder injector or poor work.


② Remove the injector fault, while checking to confirm injector failure, can also be used to replace the original standard injector injector test, if the sound disappears, indicating a fault in the fuel injector on.


③ If the dress standard cylinder injector after the percussion has not disappeared, it may be due to excessive oil used less oil law judge checks. That little lemon loose the cylinder injector inlet pipe fittings, so a small amount of diesel fuel injected in the cylinder , the reduction of fuel into the cylinder. If this method after knocking eliminate excessive oil can confirm that the cylinder should be uniformity of the fuel injection pump checked.


④ Should percussion uniform, indicating that the work of each cylinder is relatively close to its cause of the malfunction and diesel fuel quality, air condition, injection timing and so on. Can check the intake air conditions.


Check and clean the filter. If percussion weaken or disappear, it indicates a lack of air intake and engine exhaust smoke caused by percussion. If the noise and exhaust smoke no significant change in color, indicating good air filter should be checked whether the clashing intake hose or delamination blocked.


⑤ If the intake is normal, may be inappropriate or grades of diesel fuel injection errors, the first should be appropriate to reduce the fuel supply advance angle, observe whether the engine exhaust and the sound changes. If you reduce the supply advance angle, the exhaust smoke color normal, percussion disappear, then the error is caused when the fuel injector. If the fault persists, it may be incorrect due to diesel fuel grades.

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