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The engine shake how to do?

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Q: The engine shake how to do?


A: The engine shakes at work, removing errors when launching mechanical fuel injection, each cylinder is not working properly and engine wear Songkuang ministries and other factors, mainly caused by improper support.


⑴ reason


① broken engine mount.


② engine mounting bolts loose.


③ engine mount cushion pad failure or loss.


④ engine mounting position properly, so that different parts of the transmission axis.


⑵ diagnosis and treatment


① diagnosis engine sounds can be combined to determine the jitter. For the start of the engine in place, if there is no obvious abnormal sound and jitter, instructions are not supported by solid caused suspension should be carefully examined whether the broken bolts are loose, cushioning pad for damage or loss, and timely repairs.


② If the place to start the engine and no jitter, jitter and rear axle set up Guadang running, it indicates that the drive portion of the coaxial deviation is too large, you should check whether the shift suspension. Way to check is: set up the drive axle in the same time, loosen the engine mounting bolts, start the engine running, observe whether the engine mount swing phenomenon, if it swings, it is certainly part of the coaxial transmission deviation is too large and should be adjustments.


③ If there is abnormal sound engine starting place, and the exhaust smoke color is not correct, they should be when the error injection, each cylinder fueling inequality and exclusion of individual cylinder does not work.


④ For long or engine work in harsh environments, if the abnormal sound obvious, all parts should be considered Songkuang extent, be maintenance treatment.


⑤ for just repair vehicles soon, you should consider whether the vehicle is a balancing jitter caused the failure.

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