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Engine flameout how not to do?

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Q: The engine will not turn off how to do?


A: The root cause of not turn off the fuel supply tank with a driver's operation is not interrupted, that is because the oil can not be cut off the fuel pump.


⑴ reason


① flameout cable adjustment problem, not off the oil pump.


② fuel leaking into the intake manifold.


③ plunger spring break issuer or fuel adjustment rod catching.


④ off oil control solenoid valve failure or line failure, engine oil can not be broken.


⑵ diagnostic and repair methods


① flameout cable length adjustment, so turn off cable pull in the end, the high-pressure pump is off the oil state.


② Check whether there are cracks at the fuel filter holder, whether the fuel leaking into the intake manifold.


③ plunger spring break due to fuel adjustment issuing or pull (teeth) can not be caused by the rod catching flame, should "speed" approach to be excluded.


④ VE type injection pump rotor equipped with electromagnetic allocated off valve, turn off the power key in the fuel system, the electromagnetic valve should be cut off the oil supply. If you can not turn off after turning off the key, you should check whether the power supply is cut off, if the power failure, the solenoid valve is not catching or valve seals, should be adjusted, repaired.

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