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There are several ways generator parallel ​what advantages a

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Q: There are several ways generator parallel what advantages and disadvantages?

A: Generator Parallel methods into two categories: quasi-synchronization method and Self synchronization method.

1, the quasi-synchronization method juxtaposed advantages:

(1) When closing the generator does not impact current;

(2) there is no impact on the power system.

2, quasi-synchronization disadvantages:

(1) If for some reason caused by non-Juxtaposition, then the impact of the current lot, even more than the end of the three-phase short-circuit current machine has doubled in size;

(2) When using the manual quasi Juxtaposition, ahead of time to run parallel operations personnel are not easy to master.

3, since Juxtaposition advantages:

(1) The method of operation is relatively simple, automated closing process is also simple.

(2) In an accident situation, closing rapidly.

4, since Juxtaposition disadvantages:

(1) the impact of current, and that impact on the system;

(2) at the moment of closing the system voltage is reduced.

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