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Generator piston type cylinder causes and treatment methods?

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Q: Generator piston type cylinder causes and treatment methods?


A: Knocking generator piston engine fuel consumption will lead to excessive channeling oil, excessive oil consumption, the economy deteriorated. When the piston knock serious, but also shattered the piston, connecting rod and cylinder even damage.


Portion of the piston knock occurrence of abnormal sound in the upper portion of the engine cylinder, generally occurs at the instant the beginning of the power stroke of the piston. Oscillating piston in the cylinder or ran their head or skirt and cylinder head or cylinder wall collision _ generate noise, which is characterized by: engine at idle, hammer percussion sound similar, there is a rhythm. " Dangdang "sound, clear and clear. Percussion with engine temperature change, under low temperature conditions sound obvious; the temperature rises, the sound diminished or disappeared.When suddenly stepped on the gas, on the issue of "quack" continuous metallic percussion. If you have a multi-cylinder percussion, increased from idle to high speed, the sound noisy disorder.


⑴ reason


① piston and cylinder wall with too much space.


② poor quality of the cylinder block and ring. Coupled with poor lubrication, the engine running for some time, the wear of the cylinder and piston serious gap between the piston and the cylinder so that the increase, while there was a corresponding cylinder serious steps on the first ring slightly at the piston knock Click cylinder making strange sound.


③ piston skirt and cylinder wear serious, causing loss of round and knock.


④ rod bending or torsional deformation of the piston in the cylinder skew errors, causing abnormal wear and tear, so that the piston percussion.


⑤ piston pin and connecting rod bushing with tight.


⑥ piston deformation.


⑦ poor lubrication.


⑵ diagnosis and treatment


① Open the oil filler cap, engine speed to adjust the sound of the most obvious differences in the clear scope, add oil mouth to see if smoke, blue smoke exhaust pipe is; conflict with a screwdriver at the side with no valve push rod The upper part of the cylinder, the piston percussion if touch, you can feel like a small hammer like concrete sense of shock.


② off the oil tank and then gradually, if off to a cylinder, the sound significantly reduced or disappear, and when the oil recovery can hear a knocking sound, indicating that the cylinder with the cylinder gap is too large and appeared to knock the piston strike, should be promptly repaired.


③ as suspicious percussion piston can remove the fuel injector to the cylinder, adding a small amount of oil into the cylinder, turn the crank a few times, and then loaded back after starting the engine injectors, disappeared or diminished if the knocking sound, running while re-emergence of percussion, you can confirm that the cylinder has a knock.


④ If Knocking sound only occurs in cold car is running, the sound disappears after the engine temperature is normal, you can temporarily repair, continue to use, such as the right time to re-repair.


⑤ If the engine sound clarity at low temperatures, when the temperature rises, the idling of "quack" sound, accompanied by buffeting the body, and the higher the temperature, the greater the noise, then the piston deformation or poor lubrication should be promptly repaired.


⑥ arise due to poor lubrication knock, should be to find out the cause lubrication maintenance.


⑦ Remove the cylinder head, piston draw inspection, if found severely out of round cylinder, strain, deformation, etc. should be the link for parts repair.

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