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Why generator excitation to use up the excitation power supp

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Q: Why generator excitation to use up the excitation power supply?

A: In order to establish the initial voltage generator. First added to the rotor excitation power by KELY form a rotor magnetic field. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction: a conductor moving in a magnetic field will induce a current. Rotation of the rotor current will be generated in the stator, the motion is relative, the reference terms of the rotating magnetic field, the movement is called a stator conductor! When the generator voltage reaches the outlet can provide normal excitation voltage, power KELY automatically exit, auto-switching thyristors through exciting!

But without the exciter excitation becomes the case, first with KELY power, because there was no electricity when the generator starts, but the beginning of excitation transformer no electricity, so the first with KELY power supply to the point, a little excited current, and then have a little later put KELY power to get rid of. KELY power is very small, you can just give a little bit of electricity to be issued to allow the generator, and then there are electrical excitation transformer, and on the cycle again. If downtime is short, you can start by remanence, generally do not KELY power, unless the size of the repair starting.

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