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How to adjust the unit's reverse power generators in paralle

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Q: How to adjust the unit's reverse power generators in parallel phenomenon?

A: When the load two units side by side, between the two units will generate a frequency difference between the voltage difference problem. And monitoring instrumentation on the two units (meter, power meter, power factor meters), reflecting the actual situation of the inverse function, a function is the inverse speed (frequency) caused by inconsistent, another is caused by a voltage ranging reverse power, its adjusted as follows:

1. Frequency caused by the phenomenon of reverse power adjustment:

If the frequency of the two units ranging from large difference in meter (meter, power meter) shows that high-speed display unit current value, the power meter indicates power is positive, whereas a negative value indicates the current power indicates negative. Then adjust the speed of one of the units (frequency), as the table indicates the power adjustment, the adjustment of the power meter indicates to zero. Indicates the power of the two units are zero, the speed (frequency) so the two machines are basically the same. But then when the meter still indicates, this is the voltage difference caused by the phenomenon of reverse power.

2. Voltage difference causes the phenomenon of reverse power adjustment:

When the two units are power meter indicates zero, while the meter is still current indication (ie a reversal of a positive indication), the voltage is adjustable in which one of the sets of the adjustment knob, adjust, depending on the meter and power factor instructions. The ammeter indicates elimination (ie, adjusted to zero), ammeter no indication after this time, as the power factor table indicates, the lagging power factor of 0.5 or more can be raised. Generally adjusted to about 0.8, the optimum state.

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