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Compared with gasoline generator diesel generator which is g

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   Last in line to see a lot of friends in the search for "diesel generator and gasoline generator which is better comparison?", Also saw a lot of enthusiastic friends, made answer to this question, but the presentation is not very comprehensive, in this, our Dongguan Flying Rui Electronics Co., the system, clear and concise to tell you about.

   In our daily use of many models of generator sets, power sizes, including large and medium-sized units mostly diesel as fuel, power units are generally smaller gasoline as fuel.

   Diesel engine as a generator to a power source diesel generator set with gasoline engine as a generator to a power source compared to gasoline generators have a number of advantages and disadvantages:

    1, fuel: fuel comparison, you need to account for gasoline, fuel purple derived by multiplying the price of oil.  General Diesel to spend some of the oil.

    2, generator controller: diesel generator controller, more selectively, like flying Swiss electronic LIXISE brand generator controller for a variety of purple oil generators. Also suitable for most gasoline generators.

   3, the generating capacity: the amount of diesel fuel than gasoline generator hair dryer large. 

   4, the fuel economy: the diesel engine thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption, but also changes in the working conditions, and the flat consumption rate curve, which is often working at part load engine is very important.  Cheap diesel, gasoline, a little more expensive.

   5, Quality: diesel generators generally reliable, durable.  Diesel generators because there is no ignition system, so the fault is relatively small, high operational reliability, is not easily broken.  Gasoline generator will easily broken.

   6, Application: General function rate diesel generator, suitable for a wider range of applications, are generally more than 20KW diesel generators. 
   7, environmental protection: should all use these two fuels are not environmentally friendly, by compression ignition diesel, gasoline ignited by, relatively speaking, a number of more environmentally friendly diesel engines, diesel vehicles in Europe accounted for 60% -70%.  Since a diesel engine is a compression-ignition, the compression ratio of greater thermal efficiency.  Second, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions from the diesel fraction of gasoline only. But diesel NOx emissions much higherthan gasoline harmful substances.

   8, Safety: For safety, both about the same.  Only better fire safety diesel generators.

   9, the volume: the volume of gasoline is characterized by small size, light weight, easy to carry, and are generally smaller engine is very large, the weight will not light.

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