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Diesel generator set boot sequence

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1 pre start checks:

1.1 check generator installation condition whether it meets the requirements for installation, the installation is firm;

1.2 check into the exhaust, confirm the air intake to meet the requirements;

1.3 check generator is wrong with the drain installation phenomenon, whether there are three leakage phenomenon;

1.4 inspection unit various accessories installation, such as mufflers, a load cable, grounding cable, charger, and battery back into oil, units equipped with switch case required inspection switch load cable and the grounding wire is installed and check.

2 boot preparation:

2.1 check unit cooling liquid, lubricating oil and diesel are available;

2.2 check battery electrolyte is sufficient, the battery voltage is normal;

2.3 inspection unit whether to use tools or other sundries;

2.4 inspection unit rotating parts is normal or not, whether the connection fastening.

3 boot debugging:

3.1 pre start checks after the confirmation, connect the battery cables, attention to positive and negative extreme cannot be reversed or short circuit;

3.2 switch on the battery charger power charger, to confirm the normal work ( such as configuration );

4 crew launched operation;

4.1 start generating sets, to check whether the abnormal sound, three leakage and other abnormal conditions;

4.2 generating units after a successful start-up, for no-load operation, check the voltage, frequency, battery voltage, temperature and other parameters of engine oil pressure is normal, whether the unit operation smoothly, inspection unit sequence with the power phase sequence is consistent; no-load running for 1 minutes, and for testing various alarm item (e.g., low oil pressure, high water pressure, speeding etc. );

4.3 slow step on the gas, when the voltage reaches 400V, frequency 50HZ, fixed throttle, close the terminal switching power supply, generator.

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