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Genset parallel needed to meet the conditions?

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Q: genset parallel needed to meet the conditions?

A: generators and car conditions are met (1) voltage equal. (2) phase with the voltage. (3) the same frequency. The same (4) phase sequence.

(1) Voltage ranges: the consequences are the juxtaposition between the generator and the circulation system and reactive nature appear.

(2) Phase Voltage inconsistent: As a consequence a large inrush current may be generated, the generator burned, or the end portion of the electric power by the action of the enormous damage.

(3) Frequency range: its consequences will have to shoot and shoot Zhen Zhen voltage current, the current active ingredient beat vibration in the shaft torque produced by the generator, the generator will cause mechanical vibration.When the frequency difference between the larger, even after the generator can not be synchronized incorporated.

(4) The same phase sequence.

Also meet the conditions of use:

Ambient temperature: -15 ℃ ~ +40 ℃, (daily average temperature is less than +35 ℃)

Relative humidity: <90% (+20 ℃)

<50% (+40 ℃)

Altitude ≤ 2000米

Equipment installed in the absence of severe vibration and shock, and not enough to make electrical components should not be subjected to the corrosion of the place.

The figure is the LIXISE LXC9510 generator parallel controller parallel composition diagram:

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