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Generator stator in the operation of three-phase current unb

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Q:Generator stator in the operation of three-phase current unbalance What are the reasons? How to deal with?

A: The main reasons are: 
1, generator internal faults such as: Stator Windings, winding break; 
2, the system load Unbalanced: If the system has a single phase electric stove, electric locomotives and other asymmetric load; 
3, the system failure occurred asymmetry protection tripping; 
4, the main generator breaker phase running. 

One asks whether due to scheduling system caused the system caused by the case, you should adjust the generator active and reactive load, the difference of the three-phase current imbalance controlled within 8% Ie, and shall not exceed the rated maximum phase. 
2, treatment of non-full-phase generator main circuit breaker failure. 
3, if not a system malfunction and cause the main circuit breaker, deal with generators, transformers and other comprehensive qualifying examination, if necessary, power outage inspection. 
4, in the three-phase current imbalance is running, should closely monitor the generator rotor temperature must not exceed the permissible value.

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