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The world's first diesel generators who invented?

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Q: The world's first diesel generators who invented?

A: We all know that in 1831 the British physicist and chemist Michael Faraday produced the world's first generator. 1897The world's first diesel engine was born in Augsburg, Germany (Augsburg), by the company's founder Rudolf Diesel MAN invention. Currently diesel generator is the English name of the founder's name Diesel. 
MAN Company is the world's most professional diesel generator manufacturing company, the single largest capacity can reach 15000KW. Is a major supplier of marine power shipping industry. China's large diesel power plants also rely on MAN company, such as Guangdong Huizhou Dongjiang plant (100,000 KW). Foshan plant (80,000 KW) are provided MAN crew. 
Currently, this world's first diesel is stored in the German National Museum in the exhibition hall.

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