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The part of the price of diesel generators have?

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Q: The part of the price of diesel generators have?

A: Many users in the purchase of diesel generator sets, should be most concerned about the price, but most users will think the same configuration, the price should not be a big difference. In fact, many factors determine the price of diesel generator sets. Here we will detail the composition of diesel generator prices for everyone to share.

1, power generators: Diesel generator power is not the same, the price is a lot of difference.

 2, the power of the diesel engine: diesel prices also differ a lot of different power.

3, brand diesel engines: the same power, but not the same brand generator prices also have some differences such as, domestic and imported brands or joint venture, prices vary a lot.

4, the generator is not the same brand, the price will differ; such as homemade and authentic imported Stanford Stanford, both of which vary greatly.

5, the generator excitation mode: Mai brush and brushless magnetic excitation, the price is quite different.

6, functional differences between diesel generator set: different functions diesel generators, the price is quite different; For example, some only a general function generator, display of current, voltage, and frequency; Some generators with automatic protection function protect the generator set water temperature, oil pressure, speed of current, etc.; Some generators with automation: automatic start, automatic stop function; There turbines in addition with automatic start, automatic shutdown function, but also with automatic switching function, so the price is not the same.

 Also: diesel generators as well as other accessories, all users should pay attention to when buying accessories insufficiency, the price is not the same, for example: generator set with cushion, mufflers, exhaust pipes, bellows, elbows, batteries and battery cables.

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