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The main categories of diesel genset controller what?

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Q: The main categories of diesel genset controller what?

A: The diesel generator set controller as the brain center, accurate detection and control of the technical parameters of the generator set. Generator controller is usually divided into: single controller and machine controllers, dual power genset controller.

1, single diesel generator set controller is the most widely used products in the application generator group, has started parameter detection, alarm and shutdown functions under normal circumstances, to fully meet the requirements of a single generator set installed and the use of standard . Simple operation is one of the biggest advantages of a stand-alone controller.

   Stand-alone diesel generator set controller-LXC6110 controller diagram:

2, diesel generators and controllers are used in more than two (inclusive) unit simultaneously running, with automatic synchronization, automatic load distribution, voltage sag adjustment and many other features, a good solution to the previous manual and machine defects. Relative to the stand-alone controller and controller is more complete in functionality.

LIXISE brand controller and LXC9510-controller

3, diesel generator dual power controller is mainly used in the dual power switch which is equipped units with mains detection, ETS and many other features, which are widely used in automation units, generators users prefer this product .

LIXISE brand dual power supply controller-ATS106 Controller

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