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How to prevent summer diesel generator set temperature?

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Q: How can prevent diesel generator sets summer temperature? 

A: You have to enter the summer, the temperature increasing, especially in the south, coastal and central regions, the generator itself generates heat at runtime, plus the temperatures rise, the temperature is too high for the diesel generator generator loss great. To prevent summer coolant temperature is too high, we use, should pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) to maintain external and internal cleaning Cooling
This is one of the important conditions for improved thermal performance. External radiator stained with dirt, grease or heat sink due to the collision deformation will affect the wind through the radiator cooling effect deteriorates, causing coolant temperature is too high. Therefore, this situation radiator should be cleaned or trimmed. In addition, the cooling plot scale, when sediment or oil will affect the heat transfer coolant. Fill inferior cooling or water, will result in an increase in cooling fouling, and one of the heat transfer capability of scale only a few very metal, thereby cooling effect of variation. Cooling should be raised so high quality coolant.

(2) to maintain adequate amount of coolant when the engine is cold, coolant level should be located between the highest and lowest mark expansion tank, and if the level is below the minimum mark the expansion tank should be promptly added. Note that the coolant expansion tank can not be filled within, should leave room for expansion.

(3) the proper use of a closed cooling system

Modern car engines are a closed cooling system, the radiator cap is sealed, and the addition of an expansion tank. When the engine coolant vapor into the expansion tank, and then flows back to the cooling radiator to prevent substantial evaporation of the cooling fluid loss, and improve the boiling temperature of the coolant. The cooling system should be used with anti-corrosion, anti-boil, anti-freeze and coolant water quality scale, and in the use of the seal must be guaranteed in order to receive results.

(4) Avoid the big engine in a big load of long working hours when the engine load, coolant temperature is too high will cause.
For example, some small power car owners to Dora Run and stepped on the gas, and some vehicles in the long run, such as the air conditioning in summer, are likely to cause the engine to "boil" phenomenon. So, the car needs power to run (such as climbing), in order to prevent the engine temperature is too high, you should promptly change into low gear to reduce the engine load when made.

(5) maintain a moderate fan belt tension

Fan belt is too loose, the pump speed is too low, the impact of coolant circulation, and will accelerate the wear of the tape. But the tape too tight, they will pump bearing wear. In addition, the tape can not be stained with oil. Therefore, you should regularly check the fan belt tension adjustment. Examination, with the thumb pressing the central belt, a force of about 98N shown in Figure 2. If the tape deflection of about 10-15mm, indicates that the fan belt tension is proper. Otherwise, it should be given to adjust. Adjustment, the bolt can be moved to locate the position of the generator to alter the tension of the tape shown in Figure 3. If the replacement fan belt, tension is detected, the tape is about 8-10mm deflection appropriate.

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