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Generator set production process to visit light activity

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Generator set production process to visit light activity

Q: what is the working principle of generator set? Briefly explain

Answer: as the name implies, "generator" is used for power generation equipment, his works are: at the current common fuel for diesel generating set as an example, the generating set with internal combustion engine (engine) as the power, drive synchronous alternator, using the rotation of the engine drive the generator rotor, which is the 'cutting lines of magnetic induction principle, and the generator can produce induced voltage, output current by load closed loop.

Driver: within the cylinder diesel generating set, after the air cleaner filter clean air with high pressure spray nozzle jet out diesel mix, in diesel generator set the piston upward pressure, shrinkage, temperature rise rapidly, to achieve the diesel ignition point. Diesel was lit, intense combustion gas mixture, the volume rapidly expand, pushing the piston downward, known as the 'work'. Diesel generator set in each cylinder in a certain sequence, doing work role on the piston thrust through connecting rod into promoting the power of the crankshaft, so as to drive the crankshaft rotation. This diesel generator completes a work cycle. As one work cycle repeated, diesel generator set continuous operation.

Q: what are the generator set of main parts?

Answer: unit of a complete set of general by diesel engine, generator (commonly known as electric ball), control box, cooling water tank, starter battery, generator controller, all kinds of protection device, the output switch cabinet and other parts.

Q: generator controller usually you choose domestic or foreign brands?

Answer: the controller as the control core, generating set plays an important role in stable operation of generator, because we are choose Singapore LIXISE LXC6110 generator controller, the quality is very reliable, and the price is very reasonable, use has been stable for so long.

Q: generator assembly process complicated? What is the specific process?

A: generator assembly process relatively simple, the threshold is lower, so in the market will be full of beautiful things in eyes, uneven products and sell very big fall in prices. In addition to the few in the industry with independent property rights of generators, generator sets of outside, other oems are outsourcing the main parts and then assembling complete sets, small to the choice of control box control circuit (whether choose national standard specifications), and then to the selection of all kinds of sensor/control system (pictured above) to the main parts of the engine and motor, each link are chosen specification, qualified parts depends on the quality of the generating set and the use of performance, so when we choose a generating set must be comprehensive evaluation of suppliers and understanding, conditional can go to the assembly plant or host field (engine) manufacturers, to buy the rest assured products.

Q: after assembled, whether can directly to the factory to use the unit?

Answer: you ask this kind of situation has not ruled out more or less will have. But if, in accordance with the normal generator manufacturing company, our customers at the time of inspection factory need special pointed out to test whether the process about generator set, what is the main equipment of the test? Best field view, generator testing similar track experiment with cars before they leave the factory, is very important. About testing equipment, in the generating set manufacturers commonly known as "dummy load", at present there are still quite a few part of the manufacturers in the use of "salt pond", his load principle is the use of electrode, the electrode stick into the depth of the "salt water tanks to increase the load reduction, the disadvantages of this relatively primitive way of testing is to test the load on the need to test can not be reached when one of the key indicators - a constant load on load capacity, because the salt in the water tank used at the time of boiling will have a large wave surge phenomenon, can greatly reduce the accuracy of the constant load test; Another kind is the more specification USES pure resistance, inductive load, the parameters of this kind of test equipment to test out more accurate, safe and reliable, which has high reference role.

Q: why generator set is the same color, the original parts is the basic color of delivery? The paint will be refurbished?

Answer: this question is very professional, generator set, after all, is a complete mechanical and electrical products, often formal manufacturers in order to complete generator set as a sensual beauty, will test a good spray generator set into a unified color, of course, can also according to customer's specific requirements, such as China mobile, China oil/petrochemical engineering used generator will ask for the "yellow" color, the shenyang municipal engineering in subway category will require that the color spray to conform to the storage area of color... Single since the color is not jumping to conclusions if the station is a refurbished product, I think, as some focused on generating set industry bigger and stronger, to build more than 10 years or 20 years, the overseas r&d center this kind of enterprise is absolutely impossible to make this kind of no conscience and no fear. The authenticity of a query engine or whether to belong to a refurbished product is the most effective way to get the unit the same help, the generating set of the fuselage serial number, unit type, such as the information feedback to makers, seeking the same information, to buy their own products or interest to verify whether received.

Test finished, after painting, the new unit images 

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