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generator voltage regulator board common troubleshooting met

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Q: generator voltage regulator board  common troubleshooting methods?

A: Generator voltage regulator board Common troubleshooting methods are as follows:

1. Reflect on the oil level of oil first,Power generationMachine adjustable clampNormal removable lost oil alarm installation wiring, if you could start a machine, to clarify the oil level alarm installation is damaged, can remove the inspection may change.

2. Don't burn the switch can start the machine, switch short circuit.Can remove the burned switch for inspection may change.

3. The crack damage, such as spark plug magnet intermediate electrode erosion damage, should change the spark plug.

4. The spark plug is too dirty, wash clean gasoline, the electrode gap adjustment to 0. 6 mm in a 0. SMM and then dry it in again.

5. Reflection should be low voltage coils, cummins accessories can charging coil resistance value in its limitations, or reflect on its peak voltage can be normal to check for inspection, or a change in coil or electronic related to burn all.

6. High tension line and spark plug connectors such as cohesion rickety cummins adjustable-speed plate in the new joint, when the high tension line leakage of be affected with damp be affected with damp, can wash clean, then drying, the disposal is still invalid, should change new high tension line.

7. Assume that burning system is normal, should reflect oil can dredge, gasoline can be mixed with water in the tank.Attention: reflection oil can not only should reflect on pipeline dredge, still need to reflect on carburetor can pile up impurities generator controller infarction: the main hole disposal measures to clean with gasoline carburetor.

8. Can reflect in the fuel tank with gasoline, and carefully check the oil switch can be opened, and then put a tank of air holes dredging let connected with the atmosphere in the oven, constitute a pressure difference.

9. The carburetor and the tubing connecting pipe unloaded, slightly with the mouth suck, due fuel flow;If no fuel flow, can remove the oil cup filter, oil filter net, with air tight dredging connecting tube.

Such as oil tubing, can reflect the carburetor inlet conditions;Use a screwdriver to loosen the carburetor oil drain screw, if not out of the oil, oil can be needle valve.Should remove the carburetor, check the oil can needle valve movement, can float chamber with water without dirt, primary nozzle can infarction, perhaps to make a thorough clean carburetors.11. Reflect on the pressure in the cylinder, ordinary normal for 6 a 7 105 pa, cylinder pressure is too low, ordinary is a blockade is lax, local scene of leak.No pressure gauge, but by experience: one is by hand to block the spark plug hole, darting out startup induction airflow pressure is enough.The second is to use small cloth to block the spark plug hole (no leakage).At the start.Can hear the gas out of loud noise, when pressure is normal.Otherwise tight cylinder pressure is low.Also a, pipe bender price to reflect various connecting surface (cylinder head and body surface, the spark plug surface) with combination of cylinder head can tighten, cummins actuators can packing cylinder head gasket, etc.B, a serious of piston ring wear, need to change piston ring.C, valve jammed, earth is clean up the carbon deposition on the valve and so on.

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