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Cold area, how to choose and buy diesel generator set?

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Q: cold area, how to choose and buy diesel generator set?

A:Although global warming is already a fact of life.But with the advent of winter, most areas in China or the extremely cold weather.And some northern countries, is relatively cold climate, under the condition of the climate, how to choose and buy Diesel generator set?

Because most of the diesel generator set is the cooling water tank is given priority to, in this climate, the cooling water in the tank especially easy to freeze, thus causes the damage of water tank, cause needless loss.Here, suggest to buy diesel generator set with water jacket heater or use air-cooled diesel generator set.

Type air-cooled diesel generating sets of advantages:

1, the use of practice has proved that more than 25-30% of water-cooled diesel generator fault is caused by the cooling system.And air-cooled diesel generator for not setting water cooling system, so its fault than water-cooled diesel generator to reduce about 27%.Air-cooled diesel engine more won't produce any corrosion, cavitation and corrosion and make the cylinder block, cylinder head, radiator inner product scale problems.So the air-cooled diesel generating set is more suitable for war environment, it will not lose effectiveness by shot is leaking.

2, the normal service life of diesel engine, mainly depends on the piston and cylinder friction pair, such as grinding condition.And important wear such as cylinder liner, mainly depends on the engine below the dew point of the length of working time.Because of the air-cooled diesel engine cylinder wall temperature is high, warming faster, so the maximum to avoid the acid corrosion and wear.

3, air-cooled diesel engine under the condition of the gas temperature must, cylinder wall temperature is higher, the diesel engine is sending out to the less heat from the air, thus the higher the heat rate cases, the better the fuel economy.Usually cylinder wall temperature of the air-cooled diesel generator to dozens of times higher than the water-cooled diesel engine cylinder wall temperature, so the thermal efficiency is higher than water-cooled diesel generator.Different air-cooled diesel engine to heat air, so the cooling air volume, only about two-thirds of water-cooled diesel engine, combined with fan power consumption is low, thus air-cooled diesel generator fuel consumption rate is lower.

4, air-cooled diesel generators in the case of minus 35 degrees, can still very good start and reliable work, won't have the danger of frost crack the body, also don't need a antifreeze or water heater.Air-cooled diesel generator used in arid desert areas are not afraid of water, used in plateau low pressure area, not as would a water-cooled diesel generator cooling water boiled, with cylinder block, cylinder liner in the coastal saline area also won't because of the cooling water erosion and damage directly.

5, water-cooled diesel generator radiator and ambient air temperature difference is small, because of the limitation of the radiator temperature by water boiling point.The cylinder head and air-cooled diesel generator average radiating surface temperature of 170 degrees, with the surrounding air has a larger temperature difference, even in the hot environment also won't happen like that kind of hot boiling water diesel generator.

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