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Working principle of the genset parallel?

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Q: Working principle of the genset parallel ?

A: Generator parallel Core is underneath the controller, we force ksetra-ksetrajna LXC9510 weaver controller, for example, to explain the working principle of generator parallel.

Generators and the utility model, when the mains power outages, mains switch trip, while the mains switch to send out a mains electrical signals and the mains switch tripping signals, to the various units of the controller at the same time, if the controller (LXC9510 weaver controller) in the automatic state, the controller after receiving a start signal, the time delay after a few seconds (0 to 30 s adjustable) to start the unit for the lubricating oil system, prelubricated of generating unit, delay again after a few seconds (0 to 30 s adjustable) start the unit, each unit operation after normal voltage and frequency are consistent.First of all, the first sets of automatic switching, and the other units after automatic synchronization tracking system automatically tracking and synchronous closing, parallel operation, after the success of the interconnection of unit, each unit through the automatic load distributor automatically load distribution.

  When mains calls, mains switch switch cabinet to send out a signal and mains switch switching signal to each generator controller (LXC9510 weaver controller), the generator had split gate delay shutdown, so as to realize automatic starting, automatic interconnection, automatic unloading downtime.


LXC9510 parallel controller 


      Generator parallel  mode, if the controller is in automatic mode, the controller after receiving the starting signal, the units start, first of all, the first automatic switching units, after the normal operation of the unit, the other units according to bus electric parameters automatically track the synchronous closing.Weaver, each unit through the automatic distributor, automatically load distribution and reactive load distribution.Start signal disappears, the chiller and the process of automatic stop.

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