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The generator voltage regulator troubleshooting solutions

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1 don't burn switch can start the engine, to clarify the short circuit. Remove theincineration switch identification may change.

2 first check oil level, the generator voltage regulator normally removable lost oil quantityalarm installation, such as starting the engine oil level alarm installation damage, clarify,removable check or replace.

3 if the spark plug magnet loss crack, the intermediate electrode erosion damage, should change the spark plug.

4 the spark plug is too dirty, use gasoline cleaning, and then the electrode gap is adjusted to 0.6mm 0 SMM and then drying from the new application.

The 5 reflection should be low voltage coil, Cummins charging coil resistance in its limits,or reflect on its peak voltage can examine the inspection can be normal, or the changerelated coil or electronic igniter.

If the connection is not strong Cummins control board can be replaced with new joint 6 high voltage line and spark plug, when the leakage pressure line damp, be unloadedclean, and then drying, invalid still disposed, should change to a new high voltage line.

The 7 hypothesis incineration system is normal, should reflect on whether dredging oil,gasoline in the oil tank can be mixed with water. Notice: check oil not only to reflect tubingcan dredge, also need to reflect on whether the accumulation of impurities in the carburetor engine controller infarction main hole solution: cleaning the carburetorgasoline.

8 fuel tank can reflect gasoline, carefully check the oil switch can be opened, and thenthe tank vent holes dredging let box is connected with the atmosphere, pressuredifference.

9 that connects the carburetor and Tubing Pipe unloading, slightly with the mouth suck,due to fuel outflow; if no fuel outflow, remove the oil filter, oil filter, with the compressed air connection tube dredging.

10 if the oil, can reflect the oil in the carburetor; with the oil drain screw screwdrivercarburetor, if not out of oil, can be oil needle stuck. Remove the carburetor, check the oilneedle can exercise, float chamber can have water free of dirt, the main nozzle caninfarction, perhaps on the carburetor is a thorough clean. The 11 reflection cylinder pressure, normal is 6 - 7 105Pa, cylinder pressure is too low, the general is a localblockade lax, leakage scene. No pressure gauge, can experience: one is using thefingers over the spark plug hole, start induction air rushed outside, clarify the pressure enough. The two is to use a small cloth group by the spark plug hole (or leakage). When starting. Can hear the loud gas rushed out, clarify the normal pressure. Otherwise, clarify the cylinder compression pressure low. Even a, bending machine price check eachcontact surface (cylinder head and body contact surface, the spark plug and the cylinder head combination with surface) can fastening, Cummins actuator can leak loadedcylinder head cushion etc.. B, piston ring wear serious, need to change the piston ring.C, the valve stuck phenomenon, the earth is to eliminate valve on the carbon.

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