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Diesel generator voltage instability causes and countermeasu

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    Diesel generator voltage instability occur for multiple reasons, I believe that many users in the use of diesel generators process will encounter the following situation, we put diesel generator voltage instability are some common causes and corresponding countermeasures. The following table:

 Diesel generator voltage instability causes
 Solutions and Strategies
 Loose wires or connectors
 Check the connecting portion of the diesel generator sets, and with the repairs.
 Voltmeter failure, unstable voltage display        
 Replace with new voltmeter.
Generator voltage regulator board , or otherwise adjust the regulator
 Carefully check the voltage regulator is bad or no adjustment in place.  Immediate replacement or adjustment.
Control panel voltage - current selector switch failure
 Replacing diesel generator switch.
 Engine speed may be caused by unstable voltage instability
 Adjust or change the speed diesel engine fuel system parts to make it stable
Diesel generator operation may be caused by excessive vibration
 Live View is not damaged turbine cushioning or crew imbalances.
Control panel voltage adjustment resistor failure
 Replace the voltage regulator resistors.

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