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Using the numerical analysis of digital voltage meter circui

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On the basis of circuit analysis to see the waveform and then to estimate or calculate the trigger circuit of each key point voltage value to make a mistake to judge overload protection circuit overcurrent fault protection circuit is composed of volts. Current sampling resistor in series in the main circuit of the voltage drop across the signal after rectifying and filtering on the movable arm out armature current signal via the extended expanded input level is composed of voltage comparator circuit when the armature current to the output volts voltage feet high level output volts thyristor here can also use the thyristor is triggered and conducted on the maintenance switch tube volt bias circuit is composed of the introduction of variable pulse width circuit feet Volts high level forced the suspension of operation of the main circuit of the bidirectional thyristor trigger pulse output volts get interrupted to flow the maintenance effect

Digital frequency meter in the circuit by thyristor volts intention is presented over current maintenance measures will maintain the situation to determine the volt bias circuit of the light-emitting diode to fault indication circuit has memory function effect with maintenance measure to make the main circuit output to suspend the armature current is zero feet output over-current signal also don't see but fault indicator because V keep conduction has been in a light hint workers now shutdown maintenance measures by overcurrent fault caused by has seizures that should view the fault causes and troubleshooting and then put into operation! With variable pulse width circuit constitutes prohibit status was also determined by the pulse width signal output to determine the status of fault reset power supply equipment shall be disconnected after a few seconds to get the holding current and volt power supply and rehabilitation

Digital ammeter de troubleshooting ideas and methods for the highest output speed is not adjustable measuring digital ammeter rectifier voltage volts for device access volt barrier repair power supply volt gate resistance and circuit is disconnected from volt trigger current path measuring digital ammeter rectifier voltage volts is still the main circuit of thyristor voltage short circuit breakdown given speed circuit function deterioration movable arm and the fixed end resistance value is not increased error voltage Ambassador conditioning gives the highest speed signal insurance tube fuse view bridge rectifier circuit digital ammeter inside four diodes with or without one or two two has been shorted together about view maintenance circuit

Digital voltage meter circuit has no trouble so that maintenance failure makes digital ammeter to zero output voltage in three aspects of the circuit as the main circuit damage such as thyristor voltage current sampling resistance open damage for maintaining circuit misoperation forced trigger circuit of suspension of operation three called phase trigger circuit itself wrong cannot output normal phase shift trigger pulse signal see no circuit fault resistance short-circuit thyristor volt measured digital ammeter rectifier output has no volts if still no normal DC voltage output for digital electric flow meter is damaged is connected with the load resistance so easy to identify if a normal test voltage output continues to the next step check wire or tweezers short pulse expanding tube volt emitter artificially through volt trigger current channel digital ammeter output voltage is still for the elucidation of thyristor volts damage measured digital ammeter can output volts DC voltage to clarify the main circuit without missing continued the next step is to look at

View the phase-shifted trigger circuit before primary cleaning maintenance circuit can make the error measure phase-shift trigger circuit can not be put into normal operation if discover a fault indicating lamp electric has been in a state of over-current protection circuit that light in the misoperation check two maintenance circuit if not light measuring volts less than V for V breakdown is more useful to view the way the volt emitter from circuit board testing digital ammeter output voltage change for the maintenance of normal fault circuit error control measure digital ammeter is still no output faults in that phase trigger circuit for the next step is to look at whether there are relevant measuring feet - volts DC voltage output if the change is at the same level and normal level phase-shifting circuit operation normal faults in C volts contact thrust power expand level such as volts expanded multiple low or open digital voltage meter capacitance decrease or loss of capacity to form a contact power flows through the small volt can not be normal registration if the feet for fixed volts or more positive voltage or for the volt is wrong in and the former circuit should continue to the next step check


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