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Diesel engine test machine before the inspection steps

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1, check the unit surface is clean; anchor nuts, screws and other moving parts flywheel nut looseness phenomenon, found problems in a timely manner fastening.

2, check each part of the gap is correct, especially should be carefully examined each inlet, exhaust valve clearance space whether it meets the requirements of several decompression mechanism.

In 3, the cylinder is arranged vacuum position, turn the crankshaft listening test cylinder engine running sound has no abnormal noise, the crankshaft is freely, while the oil pump into a

The friction surface, and then close the pressure reducing mechanism, shake, crankshaft, cylinder leakage check, if shake when the crankshaft, feel very laborious, said compressed normal.

4, check the fuel supply system

5, check the water cooling system

6, check the lubrication system.

7, check the start system


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