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Diesel generator inspection and repair of the radiator

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The main failure mode of the radiator is leaking diesel generators, main reasons: at work, fan blades broken or tilted, broke the heat.

Control water pipes, radiators on the bracket is not strong, the work by the larger vibrations, making the radiator damage; during the winter, radiator pipes internal And there is water in the cracking, the impurities in the cooling water in the radiator pipes in the formation of scale, so that the wall was corrosion and rupture.

Generally, diesel generators sink after washing, then the leak detection. Checking, we can use the following two methods:

    1, the radiator inlet and outlet plug, drain plug from the overflow pipe or a fitting part of the installation, enter the 0.15-0.3kgf / cm Compressed air, and then the radiator into the pool. If fizzy place is leaking place.

    2, check with irrigation methods. Inspection, the radiator inlet and outlet plug,filled with water from the water inlet to observe leaks,In order to facilitate the discovery of small cracks, some pressure can be applied to theradiator or radiator little vibration, and then carefully observed leaking at will Water leaking.

 Radiator repair welding methods commonly used soldering. Oil before the first weld welding at the wipe, and then a metal spatula to scrape the new layer, then apply When heated, the iron pan immersed in a solution of zinc oxide, another stick to solder. After a good stick weld repair the flat around the weld with hot water Wash the zinc oxide, to prevent corrosion.

    1, the upper chamber of the weld repair water: on when the water chamber is not leaking, you can directly solder repairs, such as leaking large, with purple leather welding steel. Welded steel skin side of stoppage time and the leaking of the first coated with a layer of solder, the steel skin on the leaks, and then heated iron on the outside, melting the solder, Put it around the weld.

    2, the radiator pipe welding repair: If the outer pipe radiator little break and break, you can be near the heat sink pipes with needle nose pliers Adams Go a little welding solder directly. If the break is large or mid-level leaking pipes, thebody should be based on the specific circumstances, namely the use of stuck pipe, Plugging, takeovers and flexible method of tube replacement. However, the number of tubes and plugging the card may not exceed 10% of the number of Explorer, to avoid affecting the radiator loose  Thermal effects.

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