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Generator set start after normal high voltage (600 v three-p

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Generators normally appears after starting high voltage (three-phase 600V) voltage of about 10 seconds there is no how to do? 

Q: Do you pick is connected right? 

Customer A: Yes 

Q: Your VII line is zero line generators 

Customer A: Yes 

Q: Your six / Floor line is connected to generators L1 and L2 online 

Customer A: Yes 

Engineer: Then you adjust the potentiometer counterclockwise RMS tune a little bit like a 

Customer: RMS potentiometer good tune, but the voltage (320V) about ten seconds of no voltage. 

Engineer: That you: tune OVER V potentiometer (clockwise adjustment) 

Customer: tune OVER V potentiometer Well, appears high voltage (three-phase 410V) can not be reduced, may increase. 

Engineer:Your unit has adjustable resistance do just fine if you do not have to install a

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