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Generator AVR (Voltage regulator) what is the cause of the damage?

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Q: generator AVR (Voltage regulator) what is the cause of the damage?

A:Generator AVR(voltage regulator) is a kind of electronic device sealing, low power control through the exciter magnetic field, adjust the rectifier output power of excitation electromechanical pivot, so as to achieve control of the host field current, stable output voltage of the brushless generator, with a low frequency with no input signal protection device.With shunt compensation function, can meet the demand of customer expansion capacity, therefore, to maintain good AVR (voltage regulator) is very important.

Generator AVR (automatic voltage regulator) of the main causes of damage mainly has the following several ways:

1, the generator AVR by the main loop of the rectifier circuit, voltage detection circuit, compare the control circuit of three parts;Rule out the original electrical components itself quality reasons in terms of the possibility of damage, in the whole piece of AVR circuit, control circuit of main circuit and compare work frequency change;The rectifier bridge and comparison of main loop circuit more frequency transistors in changes, the damage rate accounts for more than 90% of the whole piece of AVR damage rate;

2, in view of the imported generator on the AVR belongs to the repairing and accessories, should change new damaged, so, we analysis the main causes of the diesel generator on AVR damage, as far as possible to avoid the damage of the AVR is one of the most important, as long as using appropriate, can improve the service life of AVR. The greater the stability of the generator voltage, frequency, the smaller the change of inside AVR;Comparison circuit of the transistor switch action, the smaller the AVR damage probability is smaller;

3, relatively stable output load, variable frequency within the AVR is smaller, the smaller the comparison circuit of the transistor switch action, generator AVR damage probability is smaller;The more stable the rotational speed of diesel engine, the smaller the change current on the oscillation of the AVR;Frequent "block" and super load, three-phase load is a huge difference between the main cause of the damage of AVR;Choosing with E, F, C the fuel system of generating set, because of the frequency change is small, the use of the generator AVR is more reliable。

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