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Automatic voltage regulator contact and contact

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Contact or contact the current normal runtime allows should guarantee not damaged by heat, but more should pay attention to when contact or contact to cut off the circuit, to prevent burning interface due to produce sparks.sometimes Automatic voltage regulator This kind of circumstance can even contact local burning-out, cut off the current when the spark of size in addition to related to the supply voltage, also related to the types of load.

Inductive load when the power is induced potential, its value is often more than the power supply voltage.So in the relay handbook for different kinds of load often rules the corresponding current value.

Note: multiple contact series or parallel will not necessarily make the cutting ability exponentially raised, this is because of the same relay contact is not on and off at the same time, in the junction of parallel after disconnected and cut off in the series of contacts, are at risk of destruction.

Increasing the cutting ability of the method, in addition to the use of intermediate relay or re-election more relay, the quenching circuit, can be used to eliminate small spark (commonly used in the automatic voltage regulator relay).Or use the device such as arcing tain, arcing gate to eliminate large arc on SE350 contactor (common).

In ac circuits, because in the zero moment easily extinguishing arc, so allow to cut off the current value is bigger than dc.

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