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And permanent magnet excitation generator self-excited AVR how to choose

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Many customers when choosing AVR, sometimes encounter the purchase of the AVR and power generation models with, use is not stable, can't even use the case, the client will complain or angry, feel AVR supplier product quality is bad, is in many cases, not for generator equipped with it the most suitable for AVR products.Below we dongguan group as automation equipment co., LTD AVR manufacturer "And permanent magnet excitation self-excitation, explain for everybody Generator AVR How to select the"

Self-excited excitation advantage compared with auxiliary excitation, the permanent magnet

motor of small volume, low cost

overload or short circuit occurs, does not automatically generate electricity

When choosing self-excited excitation?

price limit

allows the supply voltage when load changes appear larger fluctuation

When choose permanent magnet excitation PMG or auxiliary excitation?

◆ multiple load and install and use

distortion load using a ratio is higher

◆ load change is big, or need to start the larger motor

◆ hospitals and the standby state on the sea have strict request for the power supply

PMG: the existing self-excited motor on the basis of the upgrade installation.

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