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SX440 and SX460 brushless generator AVR the difference?

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Q: SX440 and SX460 brushless generator AVR the difference?

A:SX440 generator  voltage regulator and SX460 brushless generator AVR are Stanford's classic AVR products, both products look very similar, many customers don't know the difference, here we make a brief introduction of their difference in where?

1, weaver function: SX440 can be applied to the weaver, reactive power regulation can be weaver, weaver auxiliary input, etc.But I can't SX460.The selling point of SX460 generator AVR is:AVR affecting operation low-pass filter to prevent the distortion of waveform.

2, alternative models: SX440 can replace AS440 AS480 SX460, can also be used to replace MX341, MX321, but SX460 cannot.

3, the price: SX440 voltage regulator nature than SX460 expensive dozens of pieces.

4, low frequency protection: SX440 voltage regulator with low frequency protection function, SX460 don't possess.

5, an external voltage regulation: SX440 voltage regulator has an external voltage regulation, SX460AVR don't possess.

6, size, power options: SX440 power generator voltage regulator can choose size.SX460 can't.

7, other functions are basically identical.

LIXISE SX440 and SX460 brushless generator AVR is the patent technology design. Low magnetizing voltage, fast response and more stable voltage.Key loop using military grade high stable components, temperature drift less than 0.05% / ℃.Multiple independent protection circuit design, more safe and reliable.On the reliability of design and quality beyond domestic product.

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