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LXC7X10 series generator controller wiring diagram and common faults and elimination method

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  1. LXC7X10 series generator controller application wiring diagram

2. Common failures and troubleshooting methods

Here are more common in the process of using my company controller failure and its elimination method, if other can't solve problems, please do not hesitate to contact our company.

The fault phenomenon

May take measures

Controller, electric

Check the starter battery

Check the terminal controller

Check the dc insurance

Generator outage

Check below the main interface of warning

Check the ac generator voltage

Check the dc insurance

The controller emergency stop

Check the stop button and function is correct

Check the starter battery anode is properly connected to the emergency stop losing

Check the attachment whether there is open circuit

Low oil pressure alarm after a successful start

Check the oil pressure sensor and its attachment

After the success of the starting temperature/cylinder high temperature alarm

Check the temperature sensor and its attachment

Running in the alarm stop

According to check the LCD display information related to switch and the attachment

Check the programmable input port

Starting is not successful

Check fuel circuit and its connections

Check the starter battery

Check the speed sensor and its cable

Check the engine manual

Starter have no reaction

Check the starter cable

Check the starter battery

But not ATS switch unit operations

Check the ATS

Check the connecting cables between controller and ATS

RS485 communication properly

Check the attachment

Check the COM port Settings are correct.

Check whether A and B line of RS485 is reverse

Check whether RS485 converter module damage

Check the PC communication port is damaged

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