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Generator excitation regulator and the relationship between the governor?

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Q: generator excitation regulator and the relationship between the governor?

A: strictly speaking, the two systems.Generator speed setting is by diesel engine (or other sources of power), and Generator excitation system Is adjusted according to the output voltage.

Generally speaking, points in the two situations:

1, for generating set can be hooked up to the oil machine speed is constant, then Generator excitation regulator Only according to the size of the output voltage to adjust, the high voltage when reduce excitation current;Low voltage when increasing the excitation current.

2, for a single generator (or small system of generating set), variable speed and load to load, complicated control of generating set point.

At this point, the general requirements of generator output than for constant voltage frequency output;This needs in the two control loops (speed control and excitation control), there is a constant voltage frequency ratio control.Namely at low speed when the load requirements, the need to control the oil machine speed reduced to requirements;Vice versa.

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